Why Vote for Lance?



Currently serving the children and families of Blount County with more than 20 years of service in the Blount County Juvenile and Family Courts.

Devoted to treating all citizens with dignity and ensuring that their rights are guaranteed on a timely, consistent, impartial, and unbiased basis.


Has a heart for children and families as shown by the thousands of adoption, custody, foster care, DCS, and other cases he has handled in the Blount County Juvenile Court.


Proudly served our country in the United States Military.


Supports and volunteers his time and energy to community programs and events revolving around children and their families.

Lance Evans was born in San Mateo, California on September 5, 1952 to Willis and Evelyn Evans. His family lived on a horse farm where Lance grew up breaking and training horses with his father and brother, Flint. Lance and Flint also worked picking an orchard maintained by the family.


Upon graduation from San Lorenzo Valley High School in 1970, he went to work for the INTALCO Aluminum Company Washington State.  In the mid-1970’s he was hired by the John Deere Company as a mechanic. Several years later, he joined family members driving Semi Trucks, at which point he decided to join the Army. Lance joined the United States Army in 1981 and served until 1985 as a Russian Language Specialist, achieving the rank of an E-4 Specialist.


While in the U. S. Army and stationed in Germany, Lance was able to achieve his undergraduate degree in Finance through self study from the University of New York Albany in 1985.  After completion of his service in the U. S. Army, Lance returned to California and worked as a security guard while attending the University of Santa Clara School of Law. In 1988, he graduated with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence and was licensed by the California Bar Association, practicing law in San Jose, California until 1993.


In 1993, Lance decided to make his home in Tennessee where he studied for and passed the Tennessee Bar in 1994.  While growing his private practice from the ground up, Lance continued working as a security guard, putting in long hours to achieve his goals. Lance started his practice by doing pro bono work and appointed work in the Blount County Juvenile Court.  He has built a successful law practice in Blount County and has tried thousands of cases in Blount County Juvenile Court as well as Knox County Juvenile Court.  Lance has also practiced in surrounding counties in Tennessee.

Lance has been married to Denise Evans for 17 years and they have two children that attend Alcoa Schools.  He previously enjoyed racing motorcycles and can now often be seen riding his motorcycle to court with his backpack on and tie tucked in his jacket.  He is an avid UT football fan and supports local high school football as well. One of his favorite past times, besides spending time with his family, is working out and keeping physically fit.


Lance is passionate about and supports many Blount County community activities, as well as being an active member of the Alcoa Band Boosters Club.  Lance is a member of the Republican Party and has voted Republican since the age of 18. Many of his clients and friends have referred to him as “the working man’s attorney” as he is a firm believer that everyone deserves the best legal representation available.


The passion and hard work that enabled Lance to succeed in the Military, his education, and his law practice, he will continue to use as Blount County Juvenile Court Judge to ensure that the children and families of Blount County receive fair, honest and timely resolution of their legal matters.  He looks forward to the opportunity to serve Blount County citizens with the help of your support and votes in the upcoming 2014 election.

* paid for by the committee to elect Lance Evans, Robert Wesson Treasurer